Judy Lerma

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Judith Cashin Lerma RNC MSN CCM

I've been a registered nurse for 38 years. Each and every day I meet patients who suffer from the inadequacies of our for profit healthcare system. As an activist with National Nurses United/National Nurses Organizing Committee, I also serve as a member of the national board of Health Care Now. This has been and continues to be a truly exciting election season. More people than ever have been drawn into the political process - which is great, but predictably that has seriously cut into our organization's revenue stream. Please consider making a contribution today. Any amount will help and will be greatly appreciated. I thank you and my patients thank you.

Goal $500.00
20% towards our goal
$100.00 raised
$ 100.00

Please give what you can to Healthcare-NOW

Healthcare-NOW organizes thousands of activists in all 50 states, and supports both state and national single payer efforts. To win, we must build a powerful social movement through education and action, so our work focuses on:
  • raising up the voices of patients who feel isolated in their struggles with the healthcare system
  • educating activists to gain the knowledge and skills they need to become leaders
  • mobilizing our movement through collective action