Sigrid Ramos

I worked as a teacher and administrator for 42+ years for LAUSD. Sometime during Trump’s era, the District and UTLA made a deal to make all the senior insurance packages Medicare Advantage. I had had Anthem PPO for decades and left for a couple of years. It took me a year to figure out what happened. Noone in the District nor the union will discuss this w/ me! What a dirty deal to the District’s retirees! Last year I was denied a MRI lung scan because I was too “OLD” at 77. Traditional Medicare says 80. Now I am denied a colonoscopy for the same reason and the situation is the same–I could get it w/ traditional Medicare but not Anthem! I am not going to try for the lung scan again because the entire system is designed to NOT serve seniors. I feel so cheated and betrayed by the District I served so long and well. Why did they do this to their retirees? It has to be money! Thank the Lord I am healthy! My two years away was w/ Kaiser. I could write a book about their poor performance. They can only do well what they have weeks to plan, but don’t have an emergency! And the accents of the employees are so thick it is difficult to understand them!

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