The first 4 years were horrid. I qualified while living in Fl to care for my dying father. but never needed service there. I returned to Ohio, and was told my Fla coverage wasn’t acceptable but given NO help establishing a plan here. Despite my insistence that I be in a plan that was affiliated with the hospital system with which I’d worked for 14 years, I was dumped into a different system, with which I had know knowledge and who had no access to my past records, despite my efforts to transfer them. I endured 2 yrs of horrible care culminating in 3xPneumonia because my MD refused to see me in late Nov until Mid Jan, when I told her i was sick with bronchitis. Since I’ve gotten back with the preferred Hospital system, my biggest issues have been finding an MD who understands as a disabled Respiratory therapist, am neither and MD; not Jane doe off the street with no medical understanding. Th only other issues i have is the breadth of care: Hearing vision and dental coverage would PRECLUDE much larger expenses due to MI,s falls and MVAs. Plus, with the current attitude toward opiods, finding accessible pain management – both conventual care and alternative care (which if available at all is seriously limited) IS FAR from accessible for those of us with long term pain issues and NO history of abuse (you can’t abuse drugs that give you migraines!)

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