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Rapid Response: LTE to NYTimes

May 17, 2016 (Comments Off on Rapid Response: LTE to NYTimes)

Today’s Action: Sending a Letter to the Editor Yesterday, the NYTimes published an article on the recent Urban Institute’s analysis of Bernie Sanders’s healthcare plan. In addition to... 

Most Americans Want to Replace the ACA with Single Payer

May 16, 2016 (35 Comments)

58% of Americans would repeal and replace the ACA with “a federally funded healthcare program providing insurance for all Americans“, according to a new poll released today by Gallup. The... 

Single Payer on the Late Night Show

May 3, 2016 (31 Comments)

Comedian Seth Meyers – host of his own late night talk show – spends 9 minutes ripping into the harebrained Republican proposals for replacing Obamacare and breaking down, hilariously, many...