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Oregon: Momentum Building for Single Payer

Check out the exciting single-payer developments in Oregon over the last couple months: New Staff at Health Care for All Oregon Two new staff joined the statewide coalition this month! Robert Lee, the new Executive Director, worked as a policy analyst in state government for several years, developing anti-poverty reforms with a focus on healthcare,…

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Rapid Response: Jonathan Cohn throws the kitchen sink at single payer

In his latest, Jonathan Cohn praises single payer in other countries for producing “terrific results — providing everybody with comprehensive insurance for far less money than the U.S. currently pays” – and then pulls a Donald Trump, basically saying “but it’s just not for us”. While his piece manages to revisit almost every single payer…

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Sign up for the Online Single-Payer Book Club

Healthcare-NOW’s very first book club has just been launched! Starting Friday, May 6 through Thursday, June 9, we’ll be reading Gerard Boychuck’s National Health Insurance in the United States and Canada: Race, Territory, and the Roots of Difference. All discussions will be online, so you can participate on your own schedule! If you’d like to…

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