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Krugman & Klein Against Puppies and Rainbows

Bernie Sanders’s single payer plan was met with derision from policy writers Paul Krugman and Voxer Ezra Klein. Their criticisms venture even further than the Sanders’s plan, speculating on whether a single payer system is preferable at all. Sanders has offered a puppies-and-rainbows approach to single-payer…this is what Republicans fear liberals truly believe: that they…

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Clinton Attacks Single Payer Plan

We examine Hillary Clinton’s misleading claims about the effect a single-payer plan would have on middle-class Americans: Sign the petition asking Hillary to join 81% of Democrats and support single payer healthcare!

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Feedback on website redesign

Over the past few months, Ben and I have been working on a secret project: a full redesign of the Healthcare-NOW website. Our goal with this redesign was to create an interactive place where single payer activists could be empowered through action and education. The new layout should make it easier for our activists to…

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