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Don’t Privatize Medicare

From Ida Hellander, Director of Policy and Programs at Physicians for a National Health Program, appearing in Truthout March 26, 2015 The bipartisan “Doc Fix” legislation (H.R. 1470, now H.R. 2) and proposed amendments will undermine traditional Medicare and advance the goal of privatization, according to Dr. Don McCanne in a series of posts to…

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New Study: Health Insurance Overhead Waste Unchanged by Affordable Care Act

The International Journal of Health Services published a research paper by Healthcare-NOW!’s Executive Director, Benjamin Day, PNHP co-founders David Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler, and former Healthcare-NOW! intern Michael Broder, titled “The Affordable Care Act and Medical Loss Ratios: No Change in First Three Years.” The article found that, despite the promise of the Affordable Care…

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The U.S. Medical Education No One Discusses

Chelsea McGuire, a medical student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, couldn’t believe what she was asked to do for her psychiatry clerkship: track down whether desperate patients have a source of income, in order for the hospital to decide whether to treat them or not. Listen to her testimony, and her plea for a…

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