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Idaho AFL-CIO endorses HR 676, National Single Payer Health Care

From – Rian Van Leuven, President of the Idaho State AFL-CIO, announced that on June 12, 2013, the delegates to the 55th Annual Idaho State AFL-CIO Convention passed a resolution to publicly endorse and support H.R. 676, Single Payer Healthcare. Further the resolution states “That the Idaho State AFL-CIO will develop working relationships with…

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Saving Medicare: Lessons from Canada (Video)

Did you know that U.S. could have saved more than $2.15 trillion on Medicare since 1980 had it employed cost-saving measures similar to Canada’s? It’s true. Medicare spending on the elderly has grown nearly three times faster in the United States than in Canada since 1980. Costs grew more slowly in Canada despite a 1984…

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Canadians pay taxes for universal healthcare, and now they’re richer than us

By Dr. Philip Caper for – I’ve been watching with some dismay the wrestling match going on between the governor and the Maine Legislature over the opportunity offered by the federal Affordable Care Act to expand our MaineCare program. Proponents of expansion of MaineCare make their argument on both moral and economic grounds. Such…

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