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New Coalition to Advocate for Universal Health Care in Oregon

February 7, 2012 (8 Comments)

From Salem-News.com – “Oregon’s current health care system is neither humane nor cost-effective.” (PORTLAND, Ore.) – Delegates from 28 unions, nonprofits and grassroots organizations... 

Insurance firms seeking to sow doubt about single-payer in Vermont

February 6, 2012 (15 Comments)

By Wendell Potter for IWatchNews.org – You can’t see them. They’re hidden from view and probably always will be. But the health insurance industry’s big guns are in place and pointed directly... 

Why Are US Health Costs So High? Follow the Bills

February 6, 2012 (Comments Off on Why Are US Health Costs So High? Follow the Bills)

By Ralph Nader – Looking at millions of individual bills that makeup the 2.7 trillion dollars of annual health care costs opens a gigantic window on the massive waste, redundancy, profiteering,... 

Message from Senator Leno on California Single-Payer Setback

February 1, 2012 (5 Comments)

By Senator Mark Leno, from PDACommunity.org – Most of you have likely heard the disappointing news that our bill, SB 810, the California Universal Health Care Act, failed to move off the Senate... 

California single-payer health care bill stalls in state Senate

February 1, 2012 (1 Comment)

From the Sacramento Bee – California’s “Medicare for all” universal health care legislation fell short of the 21 votes needed to pass the state Senate today. Senate Bill 810 failed... 

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