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Sit-in today at Aetna office in New York to demand an end to insurance company abuse

September 29, 2009 (11 Comments)

17 citizens and health care providers arrested, launching national mobilization for health care for all New York, NY – Citizens and health care providers today staged a sit-in at the offices of Aetna,... 

iSinglePayer iPhone App Censored by Apple

September 29, 2009 (2 Comments)

From LambdaJive – Apple, Inc. has censored an iPhone application promoting health insurance reform in the United States. iSinglePayer, an iPhone application that advocates for single-payer health care... 

As Senate Panel Debates Public Option, Groups Take Direct Action to Promote Single Payer

September 29, 2009 (2 Comments)

From Democracy Now! – As debate continues over healthcare reform on Capitol Hill, we hear from two groups taking action to call for a single-payer system: Mad As Hell Doctors, who have been driving... 

Time for Civil Disobedience

September 28, 2009 (7 Comments)

We need your support for a new campaign of non-violent, civil disobedience targeting the private health insurance industry. This past spring, 13 brave individuals were arrested for disrupting Senate Finance... 

Update: Join the Mad as Hell Doctors on Sept. 30th in Washington, DC

September 24, 2009 (3 Comments)

Are you mad as hell at the current health care situation in this country? Here is a chance to voice your discontent and channel your energy for change. The Mad As Hell Doctors have been traveling across... 

Mad as Hell Doc on the Ed Show

September 23, 2009 (8 Comments)

Mad-As-Hell Doctors’ Dr. Paul Hochfeld visits the Ed Show. Says, “Public option is dead; Single-Payer or bust!”  Read More →

NYT Slams Single-Payer

September 23, 2009 (2 Comments)

Fails to include advocates among ‘diverse’ experts From FAIR – The New York Times devoted some rare space on September 20 to discussing single-payer (or Medicare-for-all) health reform.... 

Between You and Your Doctor: The Bureaucracy of Private Health Insurance

September 22, 2009 (Comments Off on Between You and Your Doctor: The Bureaucracy of Private Health Insurance)

On September 16 and 17, Domestic Policy Subcommittee Chairman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) held a two-part hearing entitled, “Between You and Your Doctor: the Bureaucracy of Private Health Insurance.”... 

No Country for Sick Men

September 22, 2009 (1 Comment)

To judge the content of a nation’s character, look no further than its health-care system. By T. R. Reid for Newsweek – “Us Canadians, we’re kind of understated by nature,” Marcus Davies... 

Hundreds rally for single-payer health care (Video)

September 21, 2009 (2 Comments)

From WKOW TV – MADISON – Hundreds of people gathered on the capitol steps Thursday in support of a single payer health care plan. A group known as the “Mad as Hell Doctors” led... 

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