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Entertainment Industry Unions Endorse HR 676

October 15, 2008 (Comments Off on Entertainment Industry Unions Endorse HR 676)

Two local unions in the entertainment industry have endorsed HR 676, single payer healthcare legislation introduced by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI). In Weehawken, New Jersey, delegates to the District... 

Healthcare-NOW! Interviewed by Mickey Z

October 13, 2008 (10 Comments)

Mickey Z, of www.mickeyz.net, interviewed our own Katie Robbins. Here is the interview, in full. My fellow Big Apple resident Katie Robbins is one of the lucky few able to make organizing and movement-building... 

Single-Payer Minute #3

October 13, 2008 (Comments Off on Single-Payer Minute #3)

Donna Smith brings us another episode of Single Payer Minute. This week we hear from Vanessa Beck, who has battled our dysfunctional health care system for the better part of her life.  Read More →

Single-Payer Activists met in Nashville, TN for Healthcare Rally

October 13, 2008 (2 Comments)

October 6, 2008 – Debby Hester of Healthcare-NOW! Nashville and PNHP in Tennessee were able to get a speaker on the Nashville rally’s agenda, and Garrett Adams of PNHP-KY accepted the spot.... 

Activist Report Back from Healthcare Rally in Houston, TX

October 13, 2008 (1 Comment)

A report from Houston TX – Houston’s RALLY for Health Care Reform was held on 10/4/08 and marked our first single-payer speak out gathering over 60 organizations for co sponsorship, endorsement... 

Like Wall Street, Current Health Care Policy Privatizes Profit And Socializes Risk

October 13, 2008 (1 Comment)

Michele Swenson, of HuffingtonPost.com, writes: The excesses of the health insurance industry resemble those of Wall Street and the subprime housing market, typified by privatized profits for insurers... 


October 10, 2008 (Comments Off on New PNHP Ad)

Our partners at PNHP will have an add in this month’s issues of The Nation and The New Yorker.  Read More →

Single-Payer Minute #2

October 2, 2008 (Comments Off on Single-Payer Minute #2)

This week, Donna heads off to San Francisco for the large single-payer march over the Golden Gate Bridge. Find out more about the Single-Payer Minute on www.americanpatientsunited.org.  Read More →

PBS Airs ‘Critical Condition’

October 1, 2008 (Comments Off on PBS Airs ‘Critical Condition’)

A moving and timely documentary called Critical Condition was recently premiered on PBS. It documents four different accounts of people who are sick and uninsured in America. The film will serve as... 

Single-Payer Minute #1

October 1, 2008 (Comments Off on Single-Payer Minute #1)

American Patients United.org and Guaranteed Health Care.org are launching this weekly news series on the growing movement to reform our health care system. This first video episode, “A Bridge to Nowhere”... 

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