Marilyn Clement – June 30, 1935 to August 3, 2009

“…working for the common good is a wonderful way to live – a wonderful way to spend a lifetime.” – Marilyn Clement, June 7, 2003 Marilyn wrote a number of articles on healthcare for the site.... 

Marilyn Clement’s Speech at Celebration Held in Her Honor

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Marilyn Clement delivers an inspiring speech at a very special event celebrating her life. Held June 7, 2009 at Judson Memorial Church in New York City.  Read More →

The terrible news?

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The terrible news? “In the Long Drive to Cure Cancer, Advances Have Been Elusive” This is a front page story on Friday, April 24th from a New York Times front page last week. The article went on to... 

What is Bad Healthcare Reform?

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There are two kinds of healthcare reform being promoted nationwide as the Obama Administration talks about providing healthcare for everybody in the United States. One kind continues to support corporate... 

Time for More Single-Payer Truth Hearings

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By the depth and amount of your response to our website, the National Strategy Conference, and the various videos and other resources offered from Healthcare-NOW, it is clear that we are growing in numbers... 

Let’s Heal the Economy and the Health of Our People

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Thanks to all of you for your kind words, re: my column/letter to the troops….the healthcare for everyone, single-payer troops who are now scattered by the millions across this land. Here goes another... 

Why Healthcare-NOW?

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Here I am, Marilyn Clement – sick as a dog!  I helped found Healthcare-NOW some four years ago when we held a national conference with people from all over the country.  Now, despite adversity of the...