Please share your story

Have you or someone you know filed for bankruptcy, been foreclosed on, or lost a loved one’s life because of the broken health insurance system?

Please share your story with us.

Email your story and photos to

We know that the recession is having a deep impact on our healthcare. We know that 60% of bankruptcies are due to medical debt and that’s for most people who had insurance at the time of illness. An estimated 14,000 people a day are falling off the roles of insurance.

In addition, public hospitals are closing.

People are experiencing true suffering. We want to make sure that Members of Congress hear from the people who need single-payer the most.

Help us communicate your stories. Send your story to us. Send a picture too.

Personal stories of struggle have proven effective in building social change. Think of how powerful the personal stories in Michael Moore’s SiCO where to his audience.

Your stories will also be used in an online health care quilt that will feature stories from around the country. It will be similar to our highly effective “Death by Spreadsheet” brochure.

For your privacy, you may remain anonymous.

For more information, contact Katie Robbins.

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