“Stop! In the Name of Health, Don’t Cut My Medicare”

Video of grannies targeting Obama while channeling the Supremes New York—-While swinging their hips to a Motown groove, grannies tell Obama and congressional leaders to keep their hands off Medicare. Angering... 

Save lives and money by expanding Medicare to all

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By Dr. Quentin Young for Fire Dog Lake – With media attention focused on the debt-ceiling drama in Washington, and with so many Americans rightly preoccupied with the frightening level of joblessness... 

Close to Our Goal!

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Healthcare-NOW! is fighting hard for the protection, improvement, and expansion of our most beloved social insurance program: Medicare. To help strengthen our work, Physicians for a National Health Program... 

Let’s all celebrate Medicare’s birthday

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By Lee J. Price for the Gainesville Sun – Republican and Democrats alike are swarming at the opportunity to cut government programs under the guise of “balancing the budget,” and everyone’s... 

Get Active Now to End Bad Debt Deal

The social insurance programs that have delivered increased health and financial security to those who need it most are being dealt away in a show of political theater over debt ceilings and corporate... 

Despite Rightwing Myths, US Health Care Problems Rooted in Private Sector

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By Mark Weisbrot for JuneauEmpire.com – A recent report by McKinsey and Company was seized upon by opponents of health care reform to create a new myth: that President Obama’s health insurance... 

Why Medicare is the Solution–Not the Problem

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By Robert Reich for RobertReich.org – Not only is Social Security on the chopping block in order to respond to Republican extortion. So is Medicare. But Medicare isn’t the nation’s budgetary... 

Gang of Pain: Who Suffers Under the Bipartisan Deficit Reduction Scheme

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By George Zornick for the Nation – President Obama endorsed the Senate’s Gang of Six deficit reduction plan Tuesday, saying that the proposal “is broadly consistent with the approach... 

Medicare’s 46th Anniversary Events

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Medicare’s 46th Anniversary Events Nationwide – PDA Brown Bag Lunch Vigils – July 20 Albany, NY – July 21 Albany, NY – August 1 Bellingham, WA – July 29 Chicago,... 

Doctor: Universal Health Care Opponents Play Public for Fools

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In an address to the Redlands Democratic Club, Dr. Bill Honigman said the arguments that a single payer plan is socialized medicine or that the state cannot afford the plan is simply wrong. By Gina Tenorio... 

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